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1st photos, sourdough!

Sean McFarlane's picture
Sean McFarlane

1st photos, sourdough!

My first photos of bread to be uploaded!

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I should direct you to my 1st SD pic here on TFL. You would laugh at what I posted so proudly!


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They sure looked too good to be your 1st sourdough!  Very delicious looking!  Great job!  Al

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Sean McFarlane

but the 4th or 6th batch, second batch over 2 loaves, starter is only about a month old.

I wish i had taken a pic of the dough, so you could see the wonderfull oven spring i got.

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Nice work!!!

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Isn't it rewarding making a nice loaf of bread? I get a lot of satisfaction when I make a nice looking loaf of bread, and you have every right to be proud of these loaves. Keep up the good work and post more pictures of your next loaves and your next loaves and your next loaves.....LOL