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Introducing anemic

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Introducing anemic

Greeting Loafers! 

I am a hobby baker in Grand Rapids, MI. I try to do as much as possible for my family's culinary needs. I make yogurt a gallon at a time. I make soup from bone stock. And bread. 

I enjoy homebrewing as well, mostly for myself, although my wife is not a drinker so I brewed her a what NA (non-alcoholic) beer which was indistinguishable from the full version. 

The kids and I enjoy making homebrewed sodas. This weekend we are planning another root beer and our first ginger ale. Those are our favorite sodas, but we don't typically drink pop around the house. 

Recently my wife has determined that she is gluten sensitive and getting worse so we are about 2 weeks into kicking the gluten habit. my bread baking had recently become perfected, and I am finding it a great challenge to make "Good" GF breads. 

I am currently chasing a long fermentation (1 week to a month) sourdough technique and I need a lot of help. 

anemic in GR

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Hello anemic!

I'm new around here as well, so I don't have the answer to your sourdough dilemma, but I will certainly be following your threads with interest. My best friend is gluten intolerant. 

It sounds like you've been bitten by the fermentation bug in general! Your family is very lucky, so many delicious foods and beverages to choose from :)