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new dlx owner- disappointed, did i get a reject mixer?

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new dlx owner- disappointed, did i get a reject mixer?

my brand new dlx mixer was delivered this morning. i ordered from pleasant hill grain- fast shipping and well packed.

so excited, i opened everything before going to work. and found a few disappointing surprises

1. the order and website says electrolux assistent dlx but i rec'd a magic mill assistent.  they are the same right? not an older model?

2. the plastic bowl cover has a tear on the plastic rim

3. the ss rim has a small dent- i connected the bowl with the scraper and roller- it makes a thumping sound everytime it hits the uneven dented area. also, is the bowl supposed to wobble a little?- while roller rolls along the ss rim?

4. i already scraped the finish off, in a small area, just while placing the ss bowl into the base. arrgh!

i plan to call pleasant hill grain tomorrow morning.  i wanted to be soo excited but instead i'm so disappointed, especially after reading how well made, amazing and durable the dlx is, and then i get this dented easily scratched mixer. 

after spending $$$$ i want the mixer to be perfect especially right out of the box.  did any other new dlx owners notice these dings?  am i being too picky?

i don't know if i should ask for a replacement of just the ss bowl and lid or ship the whole mixer back for a replacement.

did i get a reject mixer?


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I bought my mixer (a Bosch) from the same outfit. I was favorably impressed with their attitude towards service. I expect they will make it right for you. 

And, no. I don't think you are being too picky. You paid for an intact product. You should get one.


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Call and email immediately. Arrange to return the unit for replacement, or refund.

Do not delay(any longer).

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And be sure to let us know how they resolve this problem. I, for one, want to know.

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I'm very surprised to hear you received a defective or damaged unit. I doubt that the seller unpacked and inspected the unit before shipping it to you. The manufacturer is a highly respected company in Europe known for high quality products. The SS bowl is a solid heavy gauge component and not easily damaged. I don't see any way the bowl could be dented while inside the shipping container, and not have destroyed the box and Styrofoam packaging.

I would insist on a completely new unit.


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Email the company and tell them you're returning it.

I was surprised when I ordered my victorinox knife from BB&B it came with a return label in the case I wasn't completely satisfied.

If you had wanted a scratched'n'dent mixer you'd have bought a refurbed like I did. I bought my Cuisinart 5.5Q for $150 at the cuisinart sale and have been thrilled with it..there are a few scrapes, but operationally it's perfect. I bought a refurbished product so was prepared for that.  You didn't...send it back.

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after 2 long conversations where i was put on hold for each question, they are going to mail a return label today. 

offered a new ss bowl and plastic cover and return the defective ones. they determined it is a manufacturer defect.  but not feeling good about the whole unit if 2 things are wrong out of the box. rejected that offer.

other option offered is to wait for the return label to arrive, send it back and once they receive it, they will mail a new mixer.  though i was able to purchase online, they cannot email a return label, nor are they willing to send a new unit out along with a return label so that i won't have to wait so long.  i would of liked an opportunity to compare two side by side.  i pointed out, they have all my information, including cc number, but no go. 

so at this point, i'm not impressed by their customer service. i have a mixer i can't use, but they have my $$$$. not sure if i want an exchange or a full refund and order from another company. 

recommend any other company to buy from?



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In view of the price of the unit, I am very surprised at the way they are handling it.

Why not tell them to ship you a replacement unit and charge it to your credit card, and then credit you for the defective mixer you are returning.  That might get you a working mixer faster.

Amazon carries the brand, if you're looking for a different seller.

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I don't know about their returning policy but it sounds to me Pleasant Hill is working hard to give you different options to suit your comfort level. 

Is the purpose of the returning label to cover the postage so you won't have to pay shipping?  If I really wanted the mixer I would jump for that offer.  You can try order the same mixer somewhere else but there's still a chance that the mixer would get damaged during shipping.  At least Pleasant Hill is accepting responsibility and is willing to replace it at your desire.  Other companies may not be so compliant.  I have a Retsel grain mill.  Wonderful mill but their customer service pretty much non-existent.  If you decide to buy it from a different company, best of luck!


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  Other companies may not be so compliant.

Not a chance.  It's a credit card puchase. If a defective product is received, all you need to do is contact your credit card company and they will withhold payment to the seller until the issue is worked out.