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What cuases bitterness in sourdough?

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What cuases bitterness in sourdough?

long time ago I had a firm starter that, although 3 months old and well growing, developed a lot of bitterness in the bread.
I dropped that starter and passed to a liquid one, but the curiosity remains because a lot of people keep on lamenting the bitterness.

What causes it?


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Not sure what you mean by "bitterness" (sour?), but here's some good reading on the topic of fermentation and the resultant acids.

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I mean bitter, not sour ;)
I know that thread, but there's no explanation of the bitterness I experienced.

Maybe better ask directly to her.

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Mini Oven


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especially for whole grain flours. The oils in whole wheat flour, for example, make it turn rancid quickly and can result in bitter-tasting loaves.

- Jackie

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Very interesting, I'll do that test.
Yet I'm not sure that in my case the flour was old; moreover it was white, not wholemeal. The taste didn't feel like rancid, but it's still possible of course.