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beet bread

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beet bread

I made beet bread last night.  The outer color was bright red but the crumb was a reddish brown.  The taste was great.  My only difficulty with it was a massive oven spring.  I thought that I had allowed it proof long enough.  It had doubled in size and when I pressed my finger to the side it held my print.  All signs pointed to proofed.  When I put it into the oven it nearly doubled again!  Everything about this bread was good except that it looked destroyed due to the crippling oven-spring.  Ideas?

I have pictures and the formula on my blog.

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What a beautiful color! I do wonder why the inside was so much browner compared to the crust.

As for the spring, beets naturally have a high sugar content. Could that have something to do with the oven spring?

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I couldn't tell that there was a problem with oven spring by the photos.  The crumb looked fairly tight.


Looks delicious in my books!

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Beautiful looking loaf!  My husband loves beets and I have been wanting to use the two beets bought last week.  I believe the high sugar content of the beet has an effect on the oven spring too.  Definitely will give this a try.  Thanks for the idea!  Al

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Pretty bread.  Sounds like a good way to get some veggies into a real veggie hater, I'll have to try that and see how it goes over!! :)