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My 1st Artisan Bread

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My 1st Artisan Bread

This was my 1st attempt at Artisan Bread using the "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day"

method by Jeff & Zoe.  It turned out very well.  It was my 1st time using a oven stone and

steam.  The curst was nice an crisp and the loaf gave us bread for four for dinner.

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Got a crumb shot?


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Sorry, we eat it before I got one but I'm making another loaf today and will take a photo of it's crumb.  :)

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That's one very good looking loaf for a first timer!  Congratulations!  Al

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Good Job! Wish my first loaf looked like that. I don't even think my tenth loaf looked that good.

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Very pretty.  Would sure like to see how the crumb turned out though.

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I posted some photos of my 2nd Artisan loaf in the PHOTO section and also a picture of the that loafs crumb.