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Beet juice

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Beet juice

Has anyone ever tried to use beet juice, or the left-over water from cooking beets, in a a bread recipe?  The idea struck me today and I wanted to know if I should waste my time trying it out or not.  Maybe the earthy flavor of beet water would be good in a bread.  Ideas?

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I have not done it, but pretty sure I saw it done here, or maybe it was at yeast spotting.

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A few years ago I tried useing a cup of beet juice in my sourdough. I unfortunately was not very good with taking notes or anything at that time, and often did rather half-hazard methods of retarding and such, but whatever I did resulted in a frantic search for anyway to duplicate the bread, which I never did find. For some reason the bread built up allot of alcohol, which as I understand most breads do during a long ferment, but for some reason it did not completely burn off even though the bread seemed fully cooked, or at least something didn't totaly dissapate, because the bread was fantasticly tasting like champagne, and I swear it was sparklingly effervescent. I had a pretty long thread in going over it, but over the next couple months I was never able to even come close. If you happen to discover the secret, please pass it on!

Russ from RI


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I've seen it done with pizza dough...can't remember where.  It looked really neat especially with some fresh greens.

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because with the sugar content, and the lovely color, the item HAS TO BE SPLENDID!


Thanks for putting thoughts into my  head.  ;)

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There are several recipes floating around out there. See recipezaar.


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Hi Millwaukecooking if you go to  the top left there is a search box type in beetroot and it will come up with references to beet root

enjoy Yozza