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Some of My Breads!

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Some of My Breads!

Here are some of the breads that I bake regularly and offer to customers!

Recipies are surely to come.


Wake and Bake Bread Company.

Wake and Bake Bread Company

L to R; Back Row: Mixed-Grain Levain, Sourdough Rye, Pain Au Levain.
Middle Row: Pain Au Levain, Sourdough Rye, Mixed-Grain Levain.
Front Row: Pumpernickel Rye


Wake and Bake Bread Company

Pumpernickel Rye


Wake and Bake Bread Company

My favorite!  Mixed-Grain Levain!  Even better with rosemary!





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looks delicious.  bet your customers keep coming back for more!

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wayne on FLUKE

They look great, I enjoyed your album on facebook:

Step By Step: The Birth of Bread

Hope you do post some recipes.