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Stout Beer Sourdough Rye

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Stout Beer Sourdough Rye

This is my first post on here, with much more to come I hope!  :)

Just thought I'd start by posting a pic of some Stout Beer Sourdough Rye Baguettes I made with a homemade stout beer.

They turned out wonderfully!


Wake and Bake Bread Co.


Beer Stout Sourdough Rye


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Nice to see another Michiganian here - your breads look very nice.

Where is your bakery located?

I'm up here in the middle of the north woods.   Between Stonehouse Breads and Crooked Tree Breadworks - each over an hour away, but both make great bread.

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My bakery is currently located in my house in Sterling Heights, but due to increasing volume, I am working on gettin my own facility/sharing with someone else!   Thank you for the bread compliments, I'm hoping to get a few of my recipes up here shortly!   Tonight I'm baking Pumpernickel, Sourdough Rye, and some Baguettes au Levain!  Maybe I'll post some pics!  So you're sort of in the Traverse/Petoskey area?   Well, obviously an hour away?

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Your baguettes look very nice. I'm trying to do Rye sourdough baguettes for the  last 18 months but after trying to do the Parisian one with not too much success I moved to the world of the sourdough and rye and realized and read about that rye dough is not working for elonged bread only loaf and the best is to bake them in narrow and high baking tin. I'm super interested to know how you done yours it might be for me the end of my quest. Right now I bake every week one loaf base on 100% sourdough rye, white bread flour water and salt. This dough is very slaky and humid and I bake it in a cast iron pot with its lid on it at 250 deg.Cel. like the No knead Bread of Sullivan. I'm also interested to use less white flour as possible to make this bread the healthiest possible, but by replacing the white flour by wholemeal flour I found that the last overpowered the flavour of the Rye.

My loaf are good but I would like to try the baguette form as I ate it in France in southwest France 2 years ago. As a French born I like baguette or batard which are more crispy. I don't like the white baguette today because the flavour of it is not the same as I was used to when buying them in Paris. If you can help me and teach me the way you did your Rye baguettes I will be very happy. I have some photos and will try to learn how to put them on the Fresh loaf, unless you have an email where I can send them for you to see. Unless I use more than 500 gr. of flour my loaf is always pretty slim. Beatrice