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Bite sized cinnamon rolls

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Bite sized cinnamon rolls

I posted this in another part of the forum, but thought it might also be appropriate for the Phhotograpy section. I apologize if this is inappropriate.

I made an experimental batch of cinnamon rolls that address the problem of portion size. My wife just likes "a bite or two" of sweets, and there are times when you want to present bite sized portions of cinnamon rolls. Here's what I did. I rolled out the dough to about 16 x 27, then cut the dough with my bench scraper in half so I have (2) 8 x 27 pieces. Leaving the dough on the worksurface, I butter the section closest to me and put the filling on, then roll it up and cut that roll in half so it's about 13-1/2" long. Close the open ends by pinching off and rolling the log as best you can, then put the logs on a parchment paper lined pan. I use 2/3 sized sheet pans because they fit in my 30" gas oven. Repeat with the other half of the dough and place those logs in the pan, leaving some room for them to proof over the next hour or so.

When the logs are ready for the oven, I take my kitchen shears and cut the logs Epi style, then pop them in the oven for 25 minutes at 350, and ice them with cream cheese icing. They come out very moist and very delicious.

My recipe is the most common recipe on the Internet, and is always a big hit. Enjoy!

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I Love it!! Perfect for a brunch..!! Way to go JoeV. Very innovative.


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I think someone was asking how to make mini or bite sized cinnamon rolls the other day..! These are perfect and they look so nice!


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I have to try this. My wife also loves sweets, but just a little at a time.


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Oh this is fantastic. I think I'm going to have to get Floyd to make these tomorrow! :D I love cinnamon rolls but always find them to be too big!

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Wow!  Very nice.

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Wow - cinnamon epis!  What a terrific application.  Thanks!

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I've got to try this soon.  Thanks for the creative idea. 

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BEAUTIFUL!!!  I am both inspired & now hungry!

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Way too cool, on my must-try list and soon!!!


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It's nice to know so many of you good folks enjoy this concept. Please post some pics when you make yours.


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I love cinnamon rolls, and these look scrumptious!

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Those look fantastic!

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Mini Oven

I read the intro and could relate to the "two bite action" and I could see where you're coming from and what a great idea!  I scrolled slowly down the page to find a beautiful epi picture with dough swirling and just couldn't wait to see the finished bake mouth watering and all.   I scrolled down with lots of anticipation to discover those same epis disappeared under blobs of white stuff.  Now um, I am left wondering.   Why put all the effort into making the epis so lovely and then plaster them so haphazzard with frosting?  What happened to decorative drizzling?  The epi effect seems lost!


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there must be some trans-Atlantic confusion. In this country, slathering is as acceptable as the drizzle. Is slathering forbidden in Austria? What a real shame if that's the case. Slathering gives you so much more cream cheese icing than you can ever get with drizzling. I feel badly that you cannot share in the taste of 4-5 times as much icing that slathering gives you. If you're ever in Cleveland you'll have to stop by for a taste of "slathered" epi cinnamon rolls. You'll never go back to the drizzle. LOL


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Simply beautiful!