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Sean McFarlane


I have been baking bread for a couple months now and been boggled at some comments about how fast people seen to eat their loaves.  But at last i understand!  After many hours reading and absorbing all the wonderfull information available here, i finally understand how bread disapears so fast...i just ate half a loaf in half an hour!

So thank you all for your wonderfull advice! heres to more tasty bread!(will get pictures if i can borrow a camera b4 i eat both loaves!)

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I never understood it either, Sean, and then it happened to me too.  :)

Enjoy, to the fullest!

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yeah...I eat my bread way too fast, darn it.  I have to slice and freeze. 

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the apprentice

I just got to that point too! I baked some loaves today, brought some in to work and left it in the break room. When I came back into the break room a while later almost all of the bread was gone! My girlfriend and I ate the other half of the loaf as soon as it was out of the oven. Congrats on producing delicious bread. Here's to hoping it only gets better from here!