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Hello from Virginia

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Faith in Virginia

Hello from Virginia


First rule ....don't post while drinking.
Too late!

To put things in a nutshell I love to bake bread. My work and my life are quite stressful and bread is my sacuary (sanctuary, no spell check here) I'm no expert but that doesn't matter. As life gets tougher I'm looking to dive deeper into the art of making great bread. Life is always good with a fresh loaf of bread.

My fondest bread memory is the time I lived in Spain after a night of tapa hopping and the bars and restaurants closed that is when the bakeries finished batches of bread. Just sat on the walk way and enjoyed.

I can tell this is going to be fun.

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will slick

That's the same with me baking bread relaxes me. Hey your my kind of people 7:05P.M. and sloshed already!