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When you need a good loaf, fast

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When you need a good loaf, fast

Jason's Coccodrillo Ciabatta just can't be beat!  Especially when you need a loaf and you haven't planned a bake day (i.e. nothing is bubbling on the counter).  I've made this so many times and just love how it comes out.  After a few practice loaves, it becomes foolproof.  If I don't see structure begin to take form at 10 minutes in the mixer I begin adding flour about 1 tsp at a time (being in Denver, I sometimes over-hydrate).  The longest I've ever mixed is about 16 minutes.  This is the first time I made the semolina version...fabulous!  My bulk ferment (to triple) was about 3.25 hours. I needed to make this loaf for my elderly folks was great being able to whip up a loaf relatively fast, that is delish.  Who is Jason, anyway?  Does he know how famous this bread has become? 

Jason's Ciabatta Page

Not tripled yet, using the rubber band marker

Note the "Alton Brown Rubber Band Method" for measuring fermentation growth.  It's not tripled yet....


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Very pretty yellow form the semolina.  Looks yummy.

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semolina flour.  i'll take a look at the recipe.  nice starter you have there!