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Newbie to this forum

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Newbie to this forum


I am new to this website and forum, and I am trying to first figure how the postings work (I am more used to the way of doing things). I set my options to send me an email of recent posts, as of yesterday. So far I have receieved two notifications regarding new posts, but the one that I wished to read:

 does not show a new reply posted since a month ago. Am I missing something here?

Russ  (from Rhode Island)


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Welcome to TFL, Russ.

If you checked the very first post in the thread you referenced, you'll see it was posted in 2006.

You're not missing anything.  It's just a very old thread and most of the action happened at the beginning.  

If you go to the bottom of the page, you'll see a link for "activity tracker."  Click that and it will take you to a list of recent postings in all threads and blogs.

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Thanks, I did originally notice the date, I just didn't get why I was being notified that it was a new post.

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Because a spammer posted a comment on it and by the time you got there the spam had been removed.