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Sourdough as yogurth starter?

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Sourdough as yogurth starter?


yesterday, just for kidding and for the sake of another experiment, I stirred some sourdough, milk and flour and waited to see what happened. The consistence was almost liquid, just like stirred yogurth (it contained 60 grams of milk, 10 of SD and 30 of durum flour).

As I hoped after 12 hours the milk seemed to have thickened, although not to the point of becoming really solid as the yogurth I usually do at home.

Is it a side effect of the drop in PH due to the lactobacilli activity? Is it actyually very different from real yogurth? maybe unhealthsome? ;)




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in yoghurt, casein (milk protein) coagulates at pH ~4.7 (due to lactic acid production by yoghurt bugs). In other words when the pH reaches 4.7, the main protein in milk becomes insoluble and coagulates.

If you have been hygenic, it should be OK to try, but that's just my opinion. I suppose it is a kind of yoghurt. There are all sorts of cultures which coagulte milk, and I know of no definition which restricts yoghurt to any one culture.

Of course most yoghurts don't include a yeast, but for interest you might want to check out kefir, which does, and gives a carbonated drinking yoghurt. Going in the other direction, some people use kefir to rise bread.

Reinharts's sourdough pancakes recipe includes milk in the overnight ferment, which I really like.


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Kefir is indeed a fermented form of yogurt. it's also slightly alcholic thanks to fermentation.

The alocholic content would the only "unhealthsome" part. I doubt sourdough starter is going to inebriate anyone, but let it sit too long and it'll probably give you the same off-taste as any starter that's a tad over the hill. Ever munch on raw, over-ripened sourdough starter? Yeech.

Let us know how it tastes. I'm curious to try this out myself. :-)

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after some more hour it stinked quite badly, so I dropped it ;)