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forgot salt

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Sean McFarlane

forgot salt

So i made my weakly loaf of sourdough bread, but i forgot the salt...but thats not all, to top it off i overfroofed the dough due to having to leave the house.

So what do i do with 2 loafs of overproofed unsalted dough!?

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Make a strata or bread pudding; or several of them.

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Sean McFarlane

its unbaked currenty so bread pudding is out...i guess what im wondering is, can i use this dough as maybe..a firm starter for my next few loaves?

the dough still feals nice and light, not even a bit dense really.


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using it in a future bake .. tomorrow. 

  Personally, I would dampen it a bit, dust it with flour, cover it tightly, refrigerate it, and then proceed by using it in baked loaves tomorrow.  I'm not sure it will be viable beyond a day or so if it is hungry, and since you say it is was overproofed, you don't want to push your luck too far into the future. 

I'll bet you get a tasty bake tomorrow.  ;) 

Good luck and give us a follow-up.  

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Welcome to the,  "I Forgot The Salt Club".


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Help yourself and  join the "I will NEVER forget the salt again" club!!

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As I recall I had to make saltless bread three or four times before I was cured !!!


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ok do what we used to do commercially  add a bit to your future doughs  keep it in the fridge and each time you make some dough add  saqy 10 to 20% that way there is no wastage and perhaps some benefit to adding some old dough to your new mix. regards yozza

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the reason it probably over proofed was the lack of any salt as the fermentation is less controlled by the way take the oppertunity to taste a bit of dough minus the salt and next time have ataste of some with salt you will taste the difference and nwet time  will know straight away what is missing


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I do this all the time--stupidly.

You can get away with it, by making a salt crust--when forming the loaves, scatter a tablespoon of fine ground sea salt as if it were flour on your kneading surface, and then form a boule with the salt stretched around the outside.

Totally unsalted bread is a bit bland and a bit airy--but it's fine to eat--just make sure you use salted butter! 

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Mini Oven

According to my download information, 6 hours ago you posted your problem, then it might be too late. 

Slightly overproofed dough can be used 50-50 into another dough recipe, it will rise faster after shaping.  You could simply double the recipe or cut it in half and add half a recipe more ingredients and correct the salt.   If you refrigerated it you might get away with still using half but add some instant yeast to the fresh ingredients.


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Sean McFarlane

thank you all, i used it almost excactly as you said Mini, and it turned out a nice couple loaves, but i still have half of it left...imma see what i can or cant do with it today b4 work.

perhaps ill make a couple for loaves worth of dough, and put them in the fridge before i leave for work.

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Traditional Tuscan bread contains no salt (something about the tax collector from Pisa).  Plug this into a search and see what happens. Good luck and good eating!


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Just baked 2 loaves yesterday and as I sliced and ate my very bland creation I immediately realized tha I had forgotten the salt! Very frustrating.....I still ate it though with butter and a lot of salt :p