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Sourdough bake

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Sourdough bake

Hi my name is Ray. 

Just joined the site a couple of days ago but have been reading and furthering my sourdough education for the past several months.  Created a starter using Mike Avery's Web Site  He has a great site with a lot of information.

Been baking sourdough loaves both white and whole wheat.  The whole wheat seems to be the favorite aournd town and here at home.   I used the formula that JMonkey posted on the TFL.

Thought I would share a photo of some Sourdough Sandwich I baked last night while snowed in.  Formula is Sourdolady's Deluxe and tastes great.  It got cut shortly after coming out of the oven.

Here is a couple of pic's.  This is a gret site with a wealth of information and friendly people.  Makes me feel that I live next door to all of you.  Have a Happy New Year



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Hi Ray, welcome to TFL.  That's one nice looking loaf there.  We love to see pictures so keep them coming.  Happy New Year to you too!  Al

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Hey Ray, Al likes pictures.  I prefer to eat bread so if you've got some left over ;>}

Have a great 2010