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fibrament cleaning question

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fibrament cleaning question

While trying to transfer the pizza from the peel to the stone, I messed up and got patches of toppings including cheese and bacon on to the fibrament stone. They got burnt and stuck to the surface. Also, the cheese let out the grease into the stone and the stone has absorbed the grease. I was thinking about using brush under running water to at least get rid of the burnt remains  but the instruction says to only use non hi-abrasion brush, with out water. What are some ways to clean fibrament stone without harming the stone in this situation?

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Royall Clark

Stan told me that the stone can be run through the "self clean" cycle of the oven. I haven't tried it on my oven yet as the racks are porcelain coated and the instructions say to remove them. I'm thinking of making a wire rack to set the stone on when I do my next "oven clean". Mine is looking a little funky too.

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I have put my Fibrament stone through the self cleaning cycle of the oven several times.  It really works well. Your stone will develop stains;however, the stone ends up looking like a prized object of performance.