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Hello from Alberta!

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Hello from Alberta!

I'm an enthusiastic home baker in Edmonton, Canada.  I try to bake at least once a week, usually a mix of breads, buns, and sweets, which I share with my extended family.  I've taken courses at NAIT and spent a week at SFBI in September, but I'm still really working on shaping and scoring - and dealing with a very unpredictable oven in my rented apartment.

I've been lurking here for about a year, so it's lovely to finally be a full-fledged member!




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I am a fellow Albertan from Calgary.  I have been a member of the TFL for almost a year.  This is one of the best site online.  Welcome and enjoy your stay!  Al

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Welcome and thanks for your quick reply on my other post! Quite the weather here in edmonton! At least the snow has stopped ( for now )


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As a fellow E-town baker, I look forward to reading about your experiences with baking in our city!



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It's so nice to connect with everyone - and good to know that there are people close by, working with the same types of flour etc.  This is great!