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christmas greetings

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christmas greetings

wishing all TFL members and guests merry christmas and happy new year

pictures feature WEST AUSTRALIAN CHRISTMAS TREE currently flowering and looking forward to a 36 degree centigrade fine and sunny day

regards Yozzause 

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Mary Fisher

Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful time. 

But no thank you, 36C is far too hot for me. I'll stick with our Yorkshire snow :-) It means I CAN't go out no matter what happens or what I run short of. Not that I shall.

Have a lovely Christmas,


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It's -17C where I am now, in Montreal, with the wind chill.  Supposed to warm up to a balmy -1C tomorrow.  I'd gladly take some of your 36C!  Merry Christmas!

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Hi yozza,

Can we all come to your house right now?! Oh no, forgot the airports aren't working. 

You know the UK. We just had the coldest night since the reign of Queen Victoria. -17C in coastal Lancashire. Down to -20C or lower inland. Further north some of the cottages are like snow sandwiches - snow down the roofs, snow up to the lintels, little bit of visible house in the middle. 

Still even if we can't get out we won't starve now that I can bake bread :-). If we still have water I reckon I have enough flour to keep us going well into 2011. Don't even have to go to the shop for yeast. 

So all the best wishes of the Season to you and yours. Daisy_A

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Hi Daisey that was last years christmas tree this year they have flowered earlier and the weather has been hotter and this christmas we are going to be getting 38 dgrees. fortunately the day is going to be at my daughters home and they have a pool now so im sure it will be put to good use.

Im baking a raw champagne  ham in a dead dough tomorrow which will be served cold on christmas day.

My dad who is in his 80's is enjoying the warm weather but reurns early in the new year.

Perhaps you should collect some snow and allow it to melt and try that in some bread as it is supposed to be a fairly pure form of water. I know ive used sea water and it was very good but it was cyrstal clear.

merry christmas and take it easy daisey, might even get the chance to catch up in person in 2011 Warm regards Derek

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Hi yozza/Derek,

Wishing you and yours a happy, hot Christmas!

Perhaps see you in the UK, 2011?

Best wishes, Daisy_A

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Thanks Daisy we certainly had it HOT, 38 on christmas day and boxing day and 40 today but a much kinder 33 tomorrow. yes i do hope to make the journey in 2011.

My dad will feel it when he returns to Hampshire going from heatwave to the freezer in january. best wishes for a happy new year. Derek

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It is warm in Minnesota, about 30F. BUT, we are expecting snow again for Christmas Eve. I hope I can get out and to town, or there is no main course for me, just cookies, dessert, bread, and potatoes delmonico. The Australian tree is lovely! Andrea