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My first natural leavened bread & a cheese cake

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Dough Boy

My first natural leavened bread & a cheese cake

Pic's we all like them so here is my first natural leavened bread, that I baked last night.  Plus I have also included a cheese cake I made for some co-workers.








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What all is on top of that cheese cake?  It looks delicious.  That is about my favorite desert.

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Dough Boy


On top of the cheese cake is caramel, fudge, toasted walnuts & pecans, with a chocolate graham crust. I guess you could say it's a turtle cheese cake of sorts.

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I am impressed with the crumb in that natural leavened loaf.  Wish my natural leavened loafs came out looking like that.

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The secret to getting a good rise with natural leavenening (sourdough starter) is to make sure the starter is vibrant and active. A cold or semi-dormant starter that has only had a single feeding is insufficient to provide good activity. I like to feed my starter 1-2 times daily for 2-3 days before baking with it. It just sits on the counter during this time and looks pretty...kind of like my wife! LOL

Here is a crumb shot of a naturally leavened loaf...

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Dough Boy

Thank you flournwater.


The round loaf was more developed in the crumb then the loaf pan that I have pictured above. To bad I did not have a pic of the crumb on the round loaf, but we ate it for lunch today with a home made bean soup.


Working on pizza dough now for supper.