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Hello from North Carolina

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Dough Boy

Hello from North Carolina


Hello all,


I live North Carolina and I love to bake and cook.

Right now I have two whole wheat natural sourdough loves rising waiting to be baked off.

I have been in the biz for 20 year now as a savory cook, but now I am getting ready to go back to school, and do the Baking & Pastry Arts program here at the local tech collage. Baking is one area that I want to build up on and make my new source of income when the time is right. O, did I forget to say that I love to eat bread and all baked items for the most part.  As time moves along I do hope to get to know everyone hear a little better, and be able to share in the love of baking.

I will try to spell check myself, but there may be times that I make a mistake or many, lol as I am not a great speller.

So happy baking to all.



Dough Boy

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Welcome to the forum. This is indeed a cool place to discover new things about breads of all kinds. I look forward to seeing your posts. We love pictures btw.

So what kind of savory cooking have you been doing recently? And, what kinds of bread are you interested in?


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Dough Boy,

First, welcome to TFL, and good luck in your return to school. As this site attests, we never tire of learning new things.

Did you know the nickname you chose, Dough Boy, was also a general nickname given to American infantrymen during the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), and reached its most frequent use during World War 1, first applied only to USA infantrymen, but ultimately all members of the US Expeditionary force.?

David G

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The Roadside Pi...

David I am curious as to the origin of the nickname. Do you know?

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Wikipedia, and other sites, say the origin is uncertain and give a number of attributions: all anecdotal. However, there is multiple authenticated documents, e.g., personal letters, and journals from men who fought in the Mexican-American War wherin they refer to themselves by the slang "doughboy". At that time it was attached only to the infantrymen.

David G.


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Dough Boy

Thank you all for the welcome.



I did not know about the nickname given to American infantrymen during the Mexican-American War. When I worked in a pizza shop some years ago, we gave the name to the prep people that made the pizza dough [I being one of the prep peep's], so it seem fitting to use it here and from now on.



I have been doing soups as of late, but like to cook Indian, south of the boarder, Italian, middle eastern, and lots of other tasty stuff.  I am lacto-ovo vegetarian [insert flames here] lol, and have been a lacto-ovo variegation for the last 18 years. This is also another reason that I am going back to school for Baking & Pastry Arts, as I will not have to work with meat, but understand that I will work with some animal by-produces. 

As of now I am getting into naturally leavened breads, I think it's so cool that all we have to do is mix some water, flour and in a few days I have a starter that I can build upon and make breads without the use of commercial yeast. Parts of me only want to only work with natural leavened bread, but also realize that I will have to use commercial yeast for other applications.

I have been reading The Bread Builders - Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens, and one day soon I  plan on building a masonry oven. Another reason I would like to build a masonry oven is that I live in the mountains and we loose our power a lot. Having a wood burning oven that I could still cook with would be very cool as well as useful when needed. 


On a side note I made my first two loaves of bread using my own starter that I started back on 9/13/09, yummy!!!  It worked and I can not wait for the natural leaven to develop into a full bodied starter. so much fun.....


Well again thank you all for the welcome.