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Travel Kit for New England

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Postal Grunt

Travel Kit for New England

My wife and I are leaveing the the flatlands of Kansas to visit my family in cold and snowy Massachusetts for my first Christmas in more than twenty years. I promised my parents that I'd do some breads for them while there and bragged a little that I'd even do some sourdough.

Now, my mother is a pretty good baker for deserts with scratch pies and cakes a large part of her repertoir. She even fed us whoopie pies from a Maine recipe and a still impressive Toll House cookie when I was growing up. She still has a lot of equipment around her kitchen. So I've got to figure out what to pack in the one check in bag that my wife and I are allowing ourselves.

Based on what I saw on DSnyders' posting, some dry starter and rye flour, a scale- Mom's the volume kind of baker, and my instant read thermometer come to mind first.

Does anything else need to be packed in for our journey to the land of King Arthur flour?

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your wool socks and boots!  It's going to snow tonight.  Parchment paper can be difficult to find in some areas as well as instant yeast (SAF).

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I just made my own list for a week visiting my brother on the Northern CA coast. Here's mine:


Bread Travel Kit

Special flours 

    • ⁃  Rye

    • ⁃  Durum flour


Other Ingredients


    • ⁃ AP/Rice flour mix

    • ⁃ Instant yeast

    • ⁃ Sourdough starter

    • ⁃ Special ingredients

    • ⁃ Sesame seeds

    • ⁃ Dehydrated onions 


⁃  SD Italian bread

⁃  Greek breads (to make with Greek DIL)



    1. ⁃ Scale

    2. ⁃ Kneading mat

    3. ⁃ Thermometer

    4. ⁃ Scoring knife

    5. ⁃ Super peel

    6. ⁃ Bench knifes

    7. ⁃ Dough wisks

    8. ⁃ Bannetons

    9. ⁃ Silicon bowl covers

    10. ⁃ Kitchen timer

    11. ⁃ Parchment paper

    12. ⁃ Stainless Steel Bowl (for covered baking)

    13. -   Baking stone (ship as present for brother)

    14. `   Rolling pin


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Mini Oven

I travel with sourdough starter, parchment, scale, oven thermometer,  probe thermometer, rye flour, and bread spices. Everything else is borrowed or improvised.   I might pack a few recipes too.

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Hi, Mini O

I verified there is one at our destination.

However, I did forget to list sourdough starter. "Don't leave home without it."

In defense of my long list, this assumes travel by automobile. I have a much more compact set of travel tools when I'm flying to my vacation destination. I omit the sesame seeds.


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Postal Grunt

I have some dried starter. I've been putting my recipes and a few that I've "borrowed" onto PDF for loading into my newly acquired flash drive. I plan to spread the word about sourdough starters to my brother, mother, nephews, and nieces.

Well seasoned and floured holiday wishes from the west bank of the Missouri River. PG