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Hello from my RV

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Doc Tracy

Hello from my RV

Hi. I'm writing this from my rental 5th wheel. Our house burned about 1 week ago and we were forced to rent an RV while they rebuild the house due to smoke damage.  Anyway, one of the silly things I was so disappointed about losing is my fairly new sourdough starter that I made all by myself. I just started baking bread (other than a few minor efforts in the distant past and bread machine bread which I don't count) and I made my sourdough starter about 2 months ago. Had to toss it due to smoke damage.

Yesterday, was reading this forum while avoiding packing, enjoying the rainy weather. I ended up digging out my Kitchen Aid blender, decided I couldn't live without it for 3 months. I'm working on trying to figure out grill baking on my gas grill. I went to Home Depot yesterday and was so disappointed that they didn't have Saltillo tiles for me to line my grill with! Anyway, started up a pizza dough at 1am and I'll finish it up Friday. (whole wheat from Peter Reinhart's recipe). Hopefully, I can find some tiles by then. In the meantime, I have to work 3 twelve hour shifts. Tonight I think I'm going to start a new starter with the directions on this forum which are much simpler than my first starter mix.

Looking forward to trying all the wholegrain recipes and techniques that I glean from this forum. This is awesome! The french fold and other techniques for use with wet doughs have already helped me tremendously! Sure wish I knew that the first time I made a rye bread!

Doc Tracy

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Sounds like you are having a tough run of luck. It's good to have a distraction while you get your bearings again. Send me a private message with your mailing address and I'll send you a little starter. There has been something weird about the bacteria in the grains lately so starting a new one might take a while.


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But I can only wonder what flavor the smoke might have imparted into the sourdough starter and how long the strange flavor might last.  

At any rate, it's good you are baking right now.  It will ground you and make life seem more "normal" until you get your feet under you again.  

If you can't find tiles, try Big Lots.  I saw round pizza stones for $10 there last Friday.

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Doc Tracy

Big Lots. what a great idea! I never go there and would have never thought! Although I was hoping for square tiles so that I can do bread/pizza but right now I'll take anything. I'm also going to check a local flooring store and Lowes on my next day off.

Can't believe I'd have this much trouble finding Saltillo in Arizona!