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need help Crumbtastic rye with a crust a little to hard

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will slick

need help Crumbtastic rye with a crust a little to hard

Hi after reading ken k's post on his rye rolls, I got up the courage to give rye bread another try. I followed his formula and times almost to the tee. I had a set back during the last stage just before I put the rye in the oven. I had forgot to oil the second piece of plasticrap I used to cover the bread during the proof. It stuck really bad and deflated and stretched out the loaf. Rats, the rye turned out very nice all things considered. The crumb and taste are very nice, the crust however is a bit hard. I started the oven at max temp, then lowered to 350 when i put the loaf in. I cooked it for 50 min. turning after the first thirty. The bottom did not burn at all but I feel the crust is a bit hard. any ideas on how to get a bit softer crust? Thanks for any ideas.


here's the rye with my daily french bread

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try lowering the initial temperature? Depending on your oven, max could be a bit on the high side. Seems like I usually start at 450-475 and then lower by 50-75 for most loaves. I think the lower initial temperature is more appropriate for loaves, whereas the high temps are more appropriate for smaller things like rolls or pizza.

It sure looks tasty!

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Mini Oven

place into a closed container or plastic bag overnight.  Works wonders!

I haven't seen the whole pictures (downloading slow) but from what I can see, the crumb looks beautiful!



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will slick

Instead of lowering the temp I think I will cook for five min less. I thing i over cooked it a little. And if its still to hard I'll try the plastic bag trick. To late for this loaf it was gone in a flash! broiled chicken breast sandwiches on rye. yummy MY rye!!!!