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Bigas and time management

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Bigas and time management

The past couple of weeks I have been using a firm preferment instead of a 100 % hydration poolish.  I like to make three kinds of bread each weekend.  Bagels, sandwich rolls and "dinner bread" of some kind.

Last night I made 23 ounces of 67% hydration biga.  This morning I used 10 ounces to make bagels and 13 ounces for french rolls.  After I mixed the final doughs I kneaded one while the other rested.  Proofed for about an hour and then shaped, boiled and baked the bagels.  After the bagels were in the oven I folded the french bread dough and soon after shaped and put them aside for the final proofing.

The firm starter is a little more work to make but is easier for me to divide.

I've made a lot of progress over the past month.  A lot of credit for that is due to this forum.  My thanks to all.

The bagels were 62% hydration and the biga was 6/13 ths of the final dough

The rolls were 67 % hydration and the biga was 1/2 of the final dough.