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sourdough postings

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sourdough postings

Floyd, whenever I try to view a sourdough posting all I can see is SourdoughLady's original ( I assume) posting from 2005. Is there something I should be doing differently? A.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "try to view a sourdough posting."  There are dozens of sourdough-related posts here:

But, yes, SourdoLady's post is still one of the most popular here. 


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Floyd, suppose I want to check on the postings about difficulty changing over to white flour ( or any of the other comments under "sourdough"). Instead of the appropriate posting appearing all I get is the one I mentioned. No doubt the one I wanted is in there somewhere but I was curious to know why this is happening. A.

edited. That was a bad choice - the one I had problems with this morning was : My photos- 2nd try, rhtulis. Under Wild Yeast Sourdough starter. A.

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rhtulis was not the OP of the thread (sourdolady was) but if you scroll down to near the bottom you will see both the 1st and 2nd try post with some pictures.  Al