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Need help or suggestions!

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Need help or suggestions!

Hello all,


Long time lurker first time poster.


I would like to get a new mixer. I need it for a variety of tasks, making cookies, cakes, and for making bread. The most frequent use will be weekly use to make loaves of sandwich wheat bread (1-2 per week).

For the last 2 weeks I have researched everything I could about the various mixers. Each seem to have their own benefits and issues. I seem to keep coming back to 3 machines. Kitchenaid pro 6, Viking 5.5 or 7 quart and the Cuisanart 5.5 or 7.America's test kitchen rated the Cuisanart 5.5 the highest with Kitchenaid next. The Viking was not recommended. Consumer reports likes the Kitchenaid classic.

From reading here and elsewhere, seems Kitchenaid is certainly popular with a larger user base than others. This could explain the higher number of gripes with Kitchenaid.


I like the wider bowl of the kitchenaid. I also like the power of the Viking but the bowl is so close to the powerhead it seems it would be tough to add ingredients. I have no thoughts on the Cuisanart except its good ratings, power and tilt powerhead.

So far I seem to be leaning toward the Kitchenaid but all the negative reviews is causing me to really scrutinize this extremely close!

For those of you with experience with these models. If you were buying one today what would you buy?


Thanks in advance!


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I posted on another thread, let me see if I can find it and copy. paste for you. I'm in the same boat as you. Hoping I made the right decision.


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reposting for you , hope it's ok to double post. I don't think experienced bakers will be reading this thread as much

Hope this helps, keep me posted on what you decide


KitchenAid Consumer Complaints 

Hi All

I spent alomst a week perusing different sites researching which Stand Mixer would be best for me. I chose the Viking 5Qt (all metal) from Prcies pretty comparable everywhere right now (approx $444.), I got free shipping and I'm awaiting delivery.

Regarding KitchenAid I ALWAYS assumed that was the top of the line mixer, the cooking shows all use them ,etc. Come to find out the OLD kitchenaids were workhorses I guess you'd say. However, they are now manufactured by a different company. Don't quote me... but I think the original manufacturere was something like Hobart.

There a many reports on KitchenAid's of oil leaking, services repair requirements at $35-$150 for repair plus shipping. (I learned that by calling service center.)

Fot those of you interested, save yourselves some time and utilize my research. This link brings you to one of many many forums with kitchenaid mixer complaints.

Who is to say how the Viking will work? My fingers are crossed... I tired to make the most imformed decision and even spent a little more than I had planned. but if it will last 10+ years I will be pleased.

BTW I am not against KitchenAid, I have their professional bar blender (purchased on sale from and it is incomparable to any others I have owned ~ love it!

Have a wonderful day

Cathy aka gardenchef

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Thanks Cathy! I did see your post from a previous search.You are correct on the problems with Kitchenaid. I read the consumer affairs reports, and plenty of other reports of issues with them. I think, (hope is more like it), some of it is that they sell more units than others so they should get more issues. It just seems they have alot and that is a bit un-nerving!


Please let me know how the Viking works out!

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I love my Kitchenaid!

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Anyone have the Cuisanart or Viking?

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I've only had it a week so really can't offer any opinions so far..other than to say I love it. It makes everything so much easier...and looks quite nice sitting on my counter.

I got the 5.5Quart (800watts) at the cuisinart warehouse sale. It only came with a 90 day warranty so I'm baking more than usual to put it through it's paces. I really like the way it fits under my counters - I have valance lighting so there isn't much clearance.

I considered the KA but there were just too many posts of problems with the newer models. I liked the compact look of the cuisinart - and the built in timer is amazingly handy!

Good luck making your mind's a load of money to spend and you want to be sure you're making the right decision.

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Absolutely amazed at how simple it was to make 2 superb loaves of Country White Bread. Tasted as if I had hand kneading forever and it was kneading maximum 3 minutes!

Very pleased, but will be cooking a lot more this month to be sure it worth the money ($444 including shippping ...with free Viking blender attachment and Viking pepper mill (total value $105).

My First guess...DEFINITLEY worth it. Hope I'm right

Goddnite to all in bakersland


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Thanks for the suggestions folks!


I bought a Kitchenaid 610 from Williams Sonoma last night! :D

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Personally I have a couple of Bosch mixers and I love them.  The motor is underneath so you have the whole bowl open to add ingredients and it is able to handle bigger loads far better than KA or Cuisinart.  King Arthur Flour recommends Viking.  Alot of people like the Electrolux as well, especially like the Bosch for breads.