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Cutting Parchment Paper

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Cutting Parchment Paper

I had my brother-in-law cut my second pizza peel (14" wide) down to 8" wide, perfect for one loaf.  I am able to get three loaves onto my stone.  Two loaves going one way and the other back to front.  My problem was with the third loaf.  I could not get it to slide off (using parchment paper) without touching the other two loaves,  So, that is why I had him cut the peel to an 8" width.  Works great!  Now, the problem was trying to cut a 8" width piece of parchment from the roll.  It would tear unevenly, or pull even more out, and no where near the 8" width that I wanted.  I used scissors and that worked, But then after seeing the add on TV about "Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter", I thought that if it would cut wrapping paper, why not Parchment paper.  It works GREAT.  I pull out the paper and use this tool and it cuts perfectly.  No more short sides, no more pulling out half the roll!, just clean straight edges.  Thought that I would just pass this along.

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When I saw that commercial for the gift wrap cutter, cutting parchment was also about the first thing I thought about.

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I'm an "old" silk screen stencil cutter -- and I keep single edge razor blades handy for just about everything... including zipping parchment paper before you have time to reach for anything else.

Works great for scoring, also -- but I wipe the blade in OO before scoring.

Have a Great Season!

~ Broc

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I just love finding gadgets from other applications that work for my bread baking.  I'm always haunting hardware stores for ideas.