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I am in love with Biscotti

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I am in love with Biscotti

I always wanted to try making biscotti but the twice bake process intimidated me.  I finally gave them a try and now I am in love.  Made some for my husband's staff for Christmas and of course we had some to dunk into hot chocolate and apple cider.  They are GOOD!  Should have tried them long time ago.


My husband likes the ones heavily coated with milk chocolate. Our little guy likes the chocolate pretzels (to use up the chocolate).


Then I made a lot of these little gift bags for my husband's friends at work. I put in each bag a pack of Starbucks VIA coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, and of course the biscotti. I had a lot of fun making them.


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Thanks for the recipe. I make some for gifts too, but plain.(Though still very tasty).

I am impressed with your chocolate drizzled ones. I'm going to try it next time. They look so festive. Nicely done.