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Hello from Russia

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Hello from Russia

Hi, my name is Mike and i'm from Russia. I've been making my own bread for about a year by now. First, i've used bread making machine, then i've wanted to make breads that machine cannot (such as ciabatta) and now i've decided to try making sourdough breads. Found this forum by typing "bread making forum" in Google :)

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Hello Mike,

Great to see you here and welcome to The Fresh Loaf. There has been plenty of people interested in the old European breads on the forum if that's what you are interested in. Personally I have been playing with Borodinski bread.

What kinds of bread are you interested in baking?

Eric in Wisconsin

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Well, we do have quite a selection of various rye breads here, so i'm not that interested in those :) Except for Danish Rugbrod, which is probably impossible to properly make anyway, since we don't have all those cool rye floors that they have back in lille Danmark.

Currently my project is French surdough breads, starting from pain au levain, first loaves should be ready tomorrow. I'm almost sure that my starter isn't very proper, so soon ill post several question in appropriate forum.

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Lots to learn here!  Enjoy!


~ Broc