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Nothing wasted at our house

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Nothing wasted at our house

This loaf didn't turn out so well and didn't get used it time for people, so we donated it to our favorite charities.  Our puppies.  First it went to Max who carried it outside - then Annie carried it in, Java carried it back out and then Khaki carried it back in. 

Once inside again Java wasn't about to let it go again so she settled by the fireplace on a soft blanket and chewed away.  She is one happy dog! There is still quite a bit left so I'm sure she'll share with her dog siblings before it's all gone.

In case you're wondering what type of dog she is?  She's a rescued dog from a kill shelter, as are all of our other dogs.  She happens to be a Shar-Pei /lab (we met the person handing her over).  She's a little over a year old.  A real sweetheart, but a fierce guard dog and extremely protective of those around her.

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We have a 12 year  old terrior cross that weighs about 12 lbs.  He was returned three times to the animal shelter where my wife helped direct.  He has issues that we have never been able to make go away and he has been with us for ten years now. We have never been able to socially adapt him...and god knows we have tried with lesssons as well as training for us....We love him and will do what we can to give him a good life.  It is so sad that people abuse animals for whatever reason.  I guess they are irresponsible with their own lives as well .


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It is so unfortunate that people mistreat their animals. There is little more precious that to be unconditionally loved by a critter. I know sometimes when I park my car and my live 'car alarms' go off - people probably think I'm nuts to load 3 (of 4) dogs into my car and take them with me, but they are part of my family and LOVE to go.  My only reservation is my black pea coat and Khaki - my part collie / lab mix.  Black - strawberry blonde fur?  I sometimes look like I sleep in my car.  I have to leave Max home.  He's about 165 lbs of something.  someone suggested Tibetan mastiff, but we don't know........ We just know he doesn't fit in the car.  We do take him sometimes in our SUV which we don't drive too often.


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Great photo and post, even a cat guy like me can chuckle at the picture of the various dogs carrying the bread thing out and in until someone finally settles down to some serious chewing.  Cute.


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I have always been under the impression that bread is not to be given to dogs... that they can choke on it.

Am I wrong?  Is my Buster Brown [English Springer] going to gradfuate to the Bread World?


~ Broc



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I don't know. I gave one of our dogs one of my hockey pucks; he kind of hurt my feelings when he spit it out on the floor.  Sensing my distress, he picked it back up and swallowed it whole.  That kind of worried me on the choking deal. 

I haven't given him any more but he does seem much more interested in the bread baking operation now.

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A couple of ours tend to be picky at first, but if you take a bite and then offer it to them - they'll usually succumb.  Max will eat first and think about it later.  We have him on Cod liver oil and Glucosamine. He's only 3, but he seems to have a type of arthritis.  Funny how when you give him something he can sort out the drugs from the food.

They all seem to like the old bread, but sometimes it takes throwing it out over the deck (we live out in the country) for them to realize they want it.

As for feeding bread to your dogs?  It's perfectly safe.  We've done that for years. We sometimes stop at a fast food joint and get them burgers if we've been out with them for a long time.  I guess dogs aren't supposed to have onions, but aside from that and chocolate - I don't know if there are other things dogs are supposed to have.


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-- that it is unacceptable to feed the neighbors' cats to our dogs.  So, no onions, no chocolate... no cats.


Got it!



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Good point.

Fortunately we have a rescued cat as well.  Our cat thinks he's a dog.  They all sleep together and play together.

The only live animals that get eaten around here are the mis-directed or navigationally challenged raccoon or squirrel or the little 'bunny - foo-foo'.

We have more carnage in our yard that we know what to do with.  One year the dogs dragged home a deer that some hunter had shot, wounded, but apparently never found.  That was pretty sad.  we don't allow hunting here.  Not that we're against it, but we like to think the deer have a safe haven here.  We get venison from our SIL who hunts up north where if you don't shoot the deer, they starve to death.  (that is also very sad to think about).

I promise not to feed my critters any chocolate, onions or cats.  On my honor!


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Enjoyed your post!

Great job saving their lives and they sound like they enjoyed the bread!

What is it with dogs and fireplaces?  LoL