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Is it a lost cause?

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Is it a lost cause?

Last night I put together a batch of White sandwich bread to make rolls today.  I used the formula from PR's new book (does it even have an abreviation yet?).  So I took it out of the fridge this morning, only to discover that it had not grown very much.  I am pretty sure that I only put 1t of yeast in there instead of 1T.  My eyes probably saw 1t because that is a typical measurement.

Should I toss the batch or do you think it can be salvaged?

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No, just take it out of the fridge and set it on the counter and wait for it to double...  Since you refridgerated it, and put less yeast, it will take longer to ferment...

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I agree with the above...even if you put just 1 tsp that should be plenty to rise...just find something to do for the longer period as the above poster mentioned.

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I ended up stretching the dough out and folding the remaining yeast into it.  Then put it in the oven with some boiling water to warm up.  It did GREAT.  I was just in a time crunch with this one and the person who is getting these rolls won't know the difference if they are rushed or not..........sad I know.  They actually just came out of the oven and I will post a pic very soon in the Pic section.

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Q: did you notice a change of taste?