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baking bread in flavorwave oven?

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baking bread in flavorwave oven?

hi has anyone tried making bread in one of these?


thinking of buying one, appreciate any feedback,


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try making bread in one of those turbo ovens? 

Looks like more trouble than it's worth and you'd have a very limited size and range of breads you can make in the thing.  It also looks like you'd have to do a lot of fiddling to make it work.  (Sez me, who wants to build my own solar oven and try it out). 

Are you just looking for justification to buy a new toy (something I would do, LOL!), or do you not have access to a good oven? 

Just curious. 

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Fats and oils are removed....

Hmm, sounds like you'd get beef jerky if you tried to cook a steak in it.

No idea what it would do to bread.

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thanks it was funny coz i talked my self out of it almost as soon as i almost talked myself into it!

im happy with my oven though its not the large model but it is electric with a fan and does not take long to preheat.


building a solar oven! sounds interesting hope you will post about it!


yes, don't think i need another pce of appliance to take up space and not get used.


wouldn't mind building a pizza oven one day though.....