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Hello from Malaysia

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Hello from Malaysia

Hello all, I am on this site pretty much daily, and thought it's about time to sign up. Love the content, information and photos, plus individual baker blogs, a super great site! Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks.  Welcome to the site!

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Welcome to the Loaf. Glad you decided to log in and post. Are you in KL? What kind of things do you like to bake?

Look forward to seeing your posts.


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Hi Eric,

Thanks. I am not in KL, but in Kuching (on the island of Borneo, east Malaysia). I am a little obsessed with sourdoughs now. Will resize pic and post up soon.




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Hi Gerrie and welcome!

Just a quick hi and an aside - travelled around the Malaysian peninsula a couple of years ago and was knocked out by the WONDERFUL food. I truly believe your country is the great unheralded food paradise of SE Asia.

Don't recall seeing any bakeries, though - although doubtless there are some. Like ehanner, I'm interested in what kinds of baking you're into.


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Hi Ross,


Yes we get all kinds of food here. Next time, do visit east Malaysia to the states of Sarawak and Sabah. No nice bakeries in my town I'm afraid, and I have not heard of any good ones in KL either.



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I've posted a pic under the "photos" thread.

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I am from Malaysia too! And I am in Kuala Lumpur. Nice to meet a fellow Malaysian here. And currently the best bakery in town have to be Lavender. The queue in the weekends is unbelievable! Another craze is the donuts with many varieties of fillings and also Papa Bread's Choux Pastry Puffs originated from Japan! Have anyone here tried those? They are out of this world!

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Hi Jeannie! Yay! another Malaysian! What is Lavender's specialty? Personally I am not a fan of doughnuts ... I did try the infamous Krispy Kremes, and was disappointed. Yes have tried Papa Bread's CHoux Pastry Puffs. :)

Do you bake as well?

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Welcome to the club.  Really nice to see someone from SE Asia,   I'm from HK and I only came across this website abt two weeks ago.  It is an endless source of knowledge for anyone who is intrested in breadmaking and baking.

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Good to see two fellow Malaysians on this site. Gerrie is from Sarawak, Jeannie is from KL and I was from Sabah, residing in Istanbul now. I guess we pretty much cover Malaysia, LOL.

Jeannie, there are a few cafes in Damansara which bake pretty good bread and cake, check them out. Papa Bread's Choux Pastry Puffs are out of the world and so is their price!

Gerrie, saw your sourdough bread photo a while ago, they are BEAUTIFUL. Wish I could bake mine like yours.

Cheers, Annie


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Hello, Gerrie, hello jyslouey from HK:D. Hello to you too Annie.  And hello to the rest of the bloggers who visit this wonderful site. I find the comments from this site very helpful and informative. Been visiting very regularly to read the comments and admire at the pictures posted by the bloggers.

I am working in the Damansara vicinity and love to hang out at The Curve and 1Utama shopping complexes during the weekends. These 2 places are full of activities and good food though they are very upmarket and the prices are rather steep! Another great location to visit is the golden triangle area which is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

I love to try out the bread recipes from this blog as I find them very challenging with very soft dough and need a lot of patience getting the dough to behave! But the end results are worth it!

Anyway, happy baking everyone:D and have a great weekend.