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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myselfe. My name is Linda and I am from Germany. I started baking bread with 18.

I bake only whole grain sourdough bread because of the nutritional value and the benefit to the digestive system.


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Welcome to TFL, Linda. 

I've heard so much about the fantastic rye breads in your country.  Do you have any favorites?

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my favorite rye bread is the Bauernbrot / Farmers Bread. I created a spice mix with caraway, fennel, anis for this bread. I bought the original Bauernbrot spice mix in Germany and duplicated it / my way :)

But there is also the 4 day rye bread with sourdough of course. It is much lighter, has a wonderful taste, even without the spices. It is much easier to digest than the regular 2 day bread.

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Welcome Linda!! I love a good rye bread!! Do you share recipes?? Do you grind your spice mix?? I am a Nurse and love the nutritional values of my home made breads!! WELCOME!! You are gonna love it here!

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Welcome, Linda!


I also love a nice rye bread, look forward to your recipes and adventures in baking!

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Recipe for Bauernbrot / Farmers Bread

1st day

Mix the following in a big bowl with a lid, let it sit on the counterrop for  8 - 12 hours.

1 cup Rye flour

1 cup warm Water

2 Tbs. Sourdough / heaping

2nd Day

Mix in a separate container:

1 tsp yeast, active dry

4 tsp Cane Sugar

1/2 cup warm water

add to sponge from the 1st day

add also

2 cup Hard white wheat flour

1 tsp spice mix: Caraway, Cardamom, Anis, Fennel (add more caraway than any of the other spices) all ground

1 tsp. Salt / I use Sea Salt

Knead well, if the dough is too moist, add some wheat fluor / no rye.

Let it ferment for about 2 hours in a wam place. If you prefer a more sour taste, let it rise longer. Knead and shape a loaf. The traditional shape is a free form round loaf.

Let the loaf proof for 20 minutes or until 1 1/2 in size. Bake on pizza stone or in a spring form. You also can use a proofing basket for the rising part and then bake on a pizza stone.

Bake: 15 min. at 450 F and 20 - 25 min. at 400 F

put a cast iron pan into the oven when you preheat it. I preheat the oven actually to 500 F and turn it down when I put the bread into the oven. Pour some water into the now hot pan. The steam will fill the oven. If you have an oven where the heating element is exposed, do not pour water into the pan. The alternative would be to brush the bread dough with some water / use a pastry brush. Repeat this when you turn the temp. to 400 F. Also repeat to pour some water into the pan @ 400 F. if your heating element is build in.

I will try to add a picture :) didn't work, have to downsize it

bon appetite,