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Can a whole batch of bagel dough retard overnight

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Can a whole batch of bagel dough retard overnight

Can a whole batch of bagel dough retard overnight instead of individually shaping them first. I am going to be making a few dozen bagels and don't have the room in the fridge. Has anyone done this. Also when you retard shaped bagels overnight should they be brought to room temperature first before boiling

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there's no reason technically that you couldn't do it. retarding the whole batch overnight will produce that great flavor, but it will also require degassing before you shape the bagels and additional proofing time, which may open up the crumb. the old-school bagel bakers mixed, shaped and retarded.

i personally boil my bagels right out of the cooler. that tends to result in a slightly longer boil, but i prefer my bagels chewy. for me, again, the idea is to preserve the denseness of the crumb, but, of course, that's all a matter of taste. bring it to room temp and you'll get additional proofing, which will open the crumb.

a good solution would be to "borrow" some fridge space from a friend or neighbor, rearrange your own fridge to accommodate some sheet pans on top of the other food, or find an alternate cooler, such as a wine cooler, that would be ideal.

Stan Ginsberg

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I have successfully formed the bagels, proofed them for 20 min. and then frozen them.  When it's time to bake, I take them out, boil and top them, and they come out just like fresh baked.  It's a great way to have fresh bagels anytime. 

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will slick

Let my bagels & Baily come to room temp first? Hello I made a test batch of bailey & bagels yesterday, they came out great. So last night I made a double batch for my crew this morning. I formed the dough into tight balls to proof in the fridge overnight. I was going to shape the baileys & let them proof while I formed & boiled the bagels. The dish towel I used to cover them dried out and they had a thick skin on them this morning. Next time I am going to fully form the bagels & baileys the night before. Should I let the come to room temp before cooking or is right out of the fridge better? As for the the balls I just popped them in the oven and came out with some pretty nice rolls. A successful failure.

Edit I just tasted the rolls I also forgot to double the salt. Rats I already gave them to my crew.