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Thankful for all of you

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Thankful for all of you

I'm glad we have a day of Thanksgiving because it makes us think of all the people,things, and events for which we are grateful. I am very grateful for all of you on this site-and the site itself. There is absolutely no way I could have achieved where I'm at with bread-making skills this last year if it weren't for this all of you on this site. So all of you are in my thoughts and prayers as I bite into my sourdough sweet potato rolls aromatic with cardamom and pepper (I never saw a recipe I couldn't change :)) and enjoy the good company of family and friends. The joy continues as I enjoy the stuffing made from the heels and leftovers of all the lovely loaves (and a few bricks) I made this last year and extends even to the dessert of Cashew Banana Kefir pie. Fellow member Yerffej shared some kefir grains that have captured my interest in such a short time.

It is amazing to me that there is such a diversity of participants from so many places in so many different circumstances who are all passionate about bread.Experts-authors-everyday people-professional bakers and newbies of all ages.Wow!

So Thanks to all. You are wonderful.

The journey continues....