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A Message of Thanks

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A Message of Thanks

In this season of Thanksgiving, I thought that it would be appropriate to give thanks to all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

As a first generation American, I feel blessed to be part of this great country and its diverse demography. To me, The Fresh Loaf Community is a microcosm of what this country is all about. The exchange of ideas, the help and encouragement from its members to each other is heartwarming. It all helps us to become better bakers but more importantly to be better people. It is even more amazing that our Community has become a Global Community.

We would not have this forum but for the initiative and dedication of Floyd who has put in tremendous time and effort to maintain this site for all to benefit. I have come to admire and respect Floyd even more as I got to know about his selfless dedication to those less fortunate than us. So to Floyd, a heartfelt 'Thank You'.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family as well as to the entire Fresh Loaf Community.


Ps. Congrats, Floyd on The Fresh Loaf being included in Peter Reinhart's new book 'Artisan Breads Every Day'.

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Yes a great thank you to Floyd and all that have helped me in my bread making trip.and a happy holliday season to all. Patrick from Modesto

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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Thank you so much for your kind words, Don.   I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Your words ring true Don. This is a great community and I'm very thankful to have found the help I needed to get me started baking good bread.

It's going to get busy for me starting about 3 hours ago so I won't have time to say anything meaningful for a few days. I do want to say how appreciative I am for all those who have helped me the last 3 years here. Floyd has managed this wonderful site with the skill of a ring master. Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving to all.



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I'm a computer geek, and a bread geek (in training) too.  Your dedication to keeping this site up and running, and the able and timely assistance from your wife as well, are noticed and appreciated.  You bake pretty good too. :)

I know I am blessed by everyone in this wonderful community of sharing in mutual passions for good food and good people. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, wherever in this world wide community you find yourself, and if you travel, travel and return home safely.


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Ditto OldWoodenSpoon -- we know keeping this site running apparently "effortlessly" takes a whole lot of effort!  Thanks to Floyd for making this site available to us all and so easy to use! 

And thanks to the community for all the insights that are shared.  I like so many have learnd so much here that will make my thanksgiving table that much better. 

Hope we all have wonderful and thankful Thanksgivings!


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Debra Wink

I'd like to add my thanks, Floyd and Dorota.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Debbie Wink

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I was going to make a Thanksgiving post in my blog, but it looks like this has become the official "giving of thanks" thread.  Which is great because Don's message about counting our blessings is completely on the money.  So....

Let me give thanks to all the folks who've joined the TFL community this past year and whose injections of enthusiasm keep things fresh and interesting here, among them DonD, txfarmer, Shiao-Ping, JoeVa, Breadnik, OldWoodenSpoon, JanKnits, inlovewbread, Erzsebet Gilbert, Salome, ladychef41, dwighttsharpe, AnnaInMD, Gunslinger... and many, many more.

Thanks to some of the professional/semi-professional bakers, baking book authors, and baking experts who've come here and shared their expertise with the rest of us, folks like Mike Avery, Debra Wink, Dan Dimuzio, Mark from the Bake Home Bakery (mcs), and Norm and Stan.

Thanks to some of the "old timers" on this site who come back month-after-month, sharing their experiences and helping folks out, among them DMSnyder, MiniOven, EHanner, SallyBR, browndog, qahtan, Paddyscake, PMcCool, and SourdoLady.

Thanks to everyone who supported the fall fundraiser for Mercy Corps we did here.  Your show of support was much appreciated.

Finally, thanks to everyone else who comes here and shares their fondness for baking with others... folks like Pablo, gaaarp, foolishpoolish, amazonium, hansjoakim, fancypantalons, audra36274, xaipete, AnnieT, rainbowz, SylviaH, Lil Dice, LindyD, chahira daoud... the list should go on and on, but there is no way I'll remember everyone.  But thank you all.

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My gratitude to Floyd for creating this gem of knowledge, to Dorota for her contributions and support, and to all who share their experiences here.

A happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

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It may be repetitious, but I would like to thank ALL that contribute to The Fresh Loaf, whether it be by questions or by answers.

Bread _is_ life.  And because of you all, my bread -- AND my life -- is much richer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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I too want to express my thanks for this wonderful site.  A new and devoted bread baker, I was delighted to discover it, and have shared it with many.  Bread is truly the staff of life, and all those who come together to the table (or the computer!) to share in its mysteries and delights are truly blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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There is little left to be said after Don's perfect wording.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


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I too would like to thank you, Floyd, for all the time and effort you have put into such an amazing website and to its members. I wouldn't know the little I do know without you all.

May you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


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This website and its community have made my newly found bread baking hobby a great experience.    Thanks to all of you and have a great holday.


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to have such comraderie. Floyd & Dorota, without you and your dedication, all this would not be.

This is like "Cheers" the old TV sitcom. Someplace you go where everyone knows your name, or soon will. Always someone to greet you, help you and a wealth of knowledge to explore.

Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

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You da man, Floyd!

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Thank you  Floyd so very much, for giving us this terrific website and the generosity of your time to share with us.  And, thanks to each and everyone of you  with in this web-community that have taken the time to share your vast knowledge and accumulative experiences with all of us that are still learning the craft of bread making.


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and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!