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Thanksgiving "to bake lists"

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Thanksgiving "to bake lists"


I'm curious what yall might be baking for thanksgiving dinners.

I was planning to bring some whole wheat sourdough, some baguettes, and perhaps a challah :)

I guess some rolls might be nice, but my cousin is bringing some biscuits, so I think that will cover the little guys.


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bring some epi's they would be better then rolls

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Great idea.  I think they look quite impressive, but are fairly easy to do; a good way to show off :)

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Postal Grunt

My wife and I will be going up to Omaha on Thursday and I've got three loaves to bake. My safe loaf is a white bread sandwich loaf for the timid, suspicious, and the kids. The second will the Bauernbrot that Salome posted today. My in-laws always buy a lot of kielbasa from the Stoysich Sausage shop for any family gathering so rye will do quite well. Finally, I've got my grandmother's recipe for her egg bread. My family calls it a Polish bread but the recipe looks a lot like the country egg bread from Gail Sher's book and it's similar to "Buchty". I've researched that and Buchty appears in German, Swiss, Czech, Hungarian, and Polish variations. There are probably a lot of variations since I've seen formula for bread, rolls, and pastry.  Babci spoke Polish first and grew up in the section of southern Poland which was considered Austro-Hungarian Empire territory when she emigrated to the US.

The starters and gathering of ingredients have already begun.

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Among other varieties of bread, we'll include PRs Corn Bread (from The Bread Bakers Apprentice) nicely prepared in a cast iron skillet. 

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my fiance and I will be baking a corn bread and challah "rolls" for a small thanksgiving dinner...

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My favorite crusty and rustic bread is sourdough.  I'll be using some for stuffing and the rest for bread and butter.  I'm also making a Scottish oat bread for leftover sandwiches.  My To Do list for selling bread includes cranberry walnut brioche braids, potato rosemary, cinnamon swirl, sourdough olive, and some dinner rolls.  Oddly, the brioche is the most popular, even though it seems sourdough would be better with dinner.  Guess you can't argue with eggs and butter!


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Forgot I'm also baking some whole wheat sandwich loaf for stuffing.

I thought it was a bit crazy to bake a loaf just for stuffing (i suppose we do have a bit leftover), but it was so easy, and I haven't made an enriched loaf in a while, boy oh boy did it make the house smell amazing!! It made me want to bake it everyday :)

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I'll be making the Golden Pull Apart Rolls from King Arthur and a batch of Floyd's Sweet Potato Rolls.