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Rich Man's Brioche

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Rich Man's Brioche

Oh my this is good stuff. I followed PR's recipe to the letter and it was just as promised. When I took it out of the frig I wondered if it would rise or turn into a chuck of melted butter, but it rose beautifully. I made one loaf in a brioche pan and the other 2 loaves in 8" loaf pans. I think next time I will used the 'middle-class' brioche and try adding the panettone flavorings and fruit. Now what in the heck am I foing to do with all this lovey stuff? The funny part is that although I bake almost daily I don't eat what I bake- I have to strictly watch my weight...I usually slice off one end of a loaf to taste it and then give the rest away. I need to get this brioche out of the house ASAP or I will be ruined! LOL.


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Great color, great crumb !  Bon appetit  :)