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Bagel balls

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Bagel balls

I'm on a roll! (pun intended : )

I made an overnight poolish with KA bread flour, the final dough had 1/3 whole wheat flour. It was very a very stiff dough and I kneaded by hand until I was sweating.  Boiled about a minute per side in baking soda water.  The tops are nice but the bottoms are gnarly.  I need to study the shaping instructions per Reinhart and Hammelman.  I think I'm overcompensating for my early trys where everything slumped out flat.

My lovely wife requested the kitchen to bake holliday cookies tommorow so I still have to bake my sandwich rolls for lunch next week.  Made the dinner bread last night, the bagels are for her breakfast next week.

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i would say to try and use less yeast, I use 1% in my bagels.  otherwise they get over proofed and fall flat or bake up way too big.  I use the rolling method for my bagels, I think that works the best.


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Hey, Ken, gnarly bottoms taste just as good as the pretty ones.  Looks to me like they'd be good sliced in half when nice and hot and topped with some cream cheese and crumbled bacon for breakfast. 

Paddyscake's picture

tastes just as good, I'm sure!! You would get no complaints from me.


KenK's picture

We had one for breakfast this morning with a little ham and cheese melted on top.  They were very tasty.

My previous bagels were made with KA AP flour, these were about 2/3s KA bread flour and 1/3 KA white whole wheat.  The all AP ones were chewier.  Was it the whole wheat flour that softened them?

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I'm improving.  A couple of the ones I baked just now you can actually see daylight through.  It's a nice feeling to have all our bread for the coming week baked and put away.