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hello friends and fellow bread lovers

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will slick

hello friends and fellow bread lovers

My name is Will I am 50yrs. old & live and work in Manhattan with my lovely bride Doreen. Between us we have four great kids, two each a boy & a girl each. they range from 23 To 16. and all get along like we were the Brady bunch. I started cooking after I was divorced from my first wife about fourteen years ago. As a way to keep close with my daughter & son. Something we could share together. well it was a hard time at first you know teen age girl i was well hated. But thank god we all made it! few weeks ago my daughter wanted to come over to bake with me. I was so happy. I made two batches of jason's chebatta bread today the second batch is not 1/2 bad I posted pics in the artisan bread forum. Tell me what you think I can use some feed back. P,S, If you need a taste to give me a true review Ill be glad to send you a slice or a loaf. LOL. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing home made bread with family & friends. I hope to make some new friends here.

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Hi, Will.

Welcome to TFL!

That your daughter wants to bake with you is so cool!


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I live in NYC also - nice to know there is someone here from my neck of the woods.

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