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Hello from the Missouri Ozarks.

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Hello from the Missouri Ozarks.

I guess it's time to stop lurking and start participating.

My name is Tom and I like to cook, with smoking and baking being my favorite parts of the hobby.

I guess I'd consider myself a novice when it comes to bread. I've done things like challah, bagels, English muffins and other sourdough breads.

We make all of our bread products. Hot dog and hamburger buns, dinner rolls, etc, etc, and most all of it is sourdough.

I've earned some things here, and hope to continue to do so.

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Welcome, Tom.

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Welcome, Tom. It sounds like you are quite the cook! :)  I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge here...I'm sure you'll enjoy it! 


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Debra Wink

Nice to see another Missourian :-)