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Newbie..timing a big project

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Newbie..timing a big project

Hello! I am newbie here on the forum and thought I would throw this question out to the group...

I bake alot of bread, usually for me and my small family. It leaked out at the office and I was asked to contribute some bread to a charity function. I was thinking of making some oatmeal bread, 2-3 loaves, parkerhouse rolls 2-3 batches, some no knead, and then do some candy or hot cocoa mixes(which can be done earlier, if not the weekend before). I work a 9-5 Monday - Friday job, the event is on Saturday. I was wondering about a timetable for getting this done. I realize I may have bit off a lot, but this is for a very good cause.

My question is this, how would you work the timetable so that everything gets to the event fresh, I am expected to give everything to my friend on Friday afternoon, so she can set the table up that evening, the event starts Saturday morning. (It's a bazaar type event)

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful replies..

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There is a Mennonite family here who sells baked goods at CVS on Fridays and they bake bread, rolls, cakes, pies, etc during the week and freeze them so you could possibly do something like that.  Their products are always good and taste fresh.

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Make the breads on the weekend as you have time.  Wrap each COMPLETELY COOLED item tightly in a layer of foil, followed by a layer of airtight plastic and freeze.  

The night before the event, remove everything from the freezer, but DO NOT UNWRAP them.  Allow them to thaw at room temperature overnight.  By keeping things tightly wrapped, the moisture that condenses out of the bread will be reabsorbed.

The next morning, remove the plastic wrappings and warm the breads in a 325 to 350 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes.  Soft crusted items should remain in the foil.  You can either vent or remove the foil for crisper crusts.  

The breads will taste like they were made that day.