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Cold proofing... how long is TOO long?

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Cold proofing... how long is TOO long?

Hi all:

I am working on a sourdough rye right now.  It's on its second build, is proofing in the fridge, and due space and time issues has been there since Saturday afternoon.  By the time I bake it this evening, it will have been proofing for nearly 48 hours.  Am I still going to have bread, or will I likely just be baking a HUGE starter?

Any advice would be helpful.



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I have found myself in your position a few times, and both times after being in the fridge for roughly two days, my bread came out just fine. 

Go ahead and bake it, and maybe let us know how it came out! 

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I've never let a rye go that long, but some of the popular San Francisco Sourdough recipes include a 48 to 72 hour long cold proof to max out the sourness.  So I'd guess it'll be OK but that it'll have a real sour bite to it. 

Please let us know how it comes out.

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I was delicious, but not as sour as I was hoping.  For some reason, I just don't feel like I can really "wring" the sour out of it. 

I've heard that if I want super sour bread, I should reduce the percentage of starter to water and flour.  Is that right?  Or do I just need to do a multiple build to get it sour.

Any advice would be appreciated.