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Almost No Knead Bread in the Large Green Egg

Ross in Ventura's picture
Ross in Ventura

Almost No Knead Bread in the Large Green Egg

After the 18-hr. rise

Starting the 2-hr rise 

It went for 4-hrs. we were playing golf

I had the Egg at 250* wile we were playing 9 holes ramped to 500*

In the Egg at 500*

At 30-min.

Cooling after 15-min.

This was some really good Bread and I well make some more tomorrow 





jackie9999's picture

Beautiful pictures!

Now I know what a large green egg is :)

friarjohn's picture

When i hit the lotto, I'm going to get me one. It might be easier to sell a kidney.

H20loo's picture

A BGE is certainly a useful tool for a variety of cooking. A "UDS" is similar in many ways and very inexpensive if you are a little bit handy.

mrfrost's picture

What is the UDS?

Is it rather like the Alton Brown terra cotta pot smoker/cooker?

Never mind. Did search, and came up with ugly drum smoker and plans.

H20loo's picture

I have posted a few pictures of bread and baking that I did on a UDS. Definitely the best bread out of a can!!  However the benefit to a BGE is you will find yourself looking lovingly out of your window at it and friends are definitely impressed(a good thing LOL)