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Recipes Websites

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Recipes Websites


I am pretty new to the world of baking and I'm looking for a nice website containing working recipes from the best professional bakers, possibly with some images. Could somebody advise me some?

Thanks in advance

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You have landed in one.. most bakers here are almost professional bakers, though at home.


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Hi, Miidnight.

Welcome to TFL!

Unless you are a professional baker and want information specialized for large scale production, you will find more useful information, including recipes, on sites like this one.

A couple more of my favorite sites for the home baker are SteveB's Bread Blog (breadcetera) and SusanFNP's Blog (Wildyeastblog). Susan's blog has links to a great many other baking/cooking blogs she regards highly. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

SusanFNP has some good instructions on her blog, and, if you are interested in sourdough baking, Mike Avery's Sourdough Home - An Exploration of Sourdough has a wealth of information suitable for both beginners and more advanced sourdough bakers.

Happy baking!


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This is one of the best sites you can find online.  I love it here.