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What do you do when you have a hole in your bread?

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What do you do when you have a hole in your bread?

To have fun with it!


This is my experimental tomato Mozzarella loaf. Instead of kneading the shredded cheese in the dough, I rolled the dough out, sprinkled cheese over like cinnamon then rolled it up for the final proof. I was hoping the dough was heavy enough to prevent this from happening but LOL you can see it didn't work. Little man and I had a lot of fun making funny bread for breakfast this morning.

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Thanks for the wonderful morning laugh!


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Little man liked it so much that he asked to bring a couple of slices to school for lunch.  I made him a "fun lunch" package to go with his grinning bread.  Buttered two pieces of bread; I sliced a boiled egg (for eyes), packed raisins, cranberries, chocolate pretzels, and mini oreo cookies in a ziploc so he could be creative at lunch time.  Just imagine how crazy his friends are going to be!  LOL

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when mom makes this kind of bread.  Yesterday my husband suddenly decided we would rush down and drop off my car for service. 

  My would be butterfly almond rolls ended up overproofed and rushed even a little refrigeration couldn't save them...I ended up with what I thought looked like 'smiling lips'! instead of butterflies.


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Mini Oven

Can you repeat it?

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Those are great.

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