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Sunflower seed bread

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Sunflower seed bread

Hi:  I am fairly new here.  I love baking bread. Actually I love baking anything!!!  I have tried many sunflower seed bread recipes, none of which I like.  Does anyone have a good recipe for sunflower seed bread?

I appreciate any recipes to try.



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And welcome to TFL.

If you type "sunflower seed bread" in TFL's search bar, you'll find a number of postings for that bread - and hopefully one you'll want to try.


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I personally enjoy the one from Bread, By Jeffrey Hammelman.

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This is the one I make's very easy and always turns out lovely


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Thanks so much for the recipe.  The bread looks wonderful!


Now I will try and make the starter.  I have never made it before.  There was a tutorial on starter from another member that I will try.

Thanks again!